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Mobile electronic payment new fashion in China
Time:2016-10-11    Browers:1789

In China, shoppers no longer need to carry cash, as they can pay almost everything from newspaper to pork meat via an electronic payment platform installed on their mobile phones.

Mobile electronic payment, which spares people from dealing with small money or coins, has proven to be a new fashion in the country of more than 1.3 billion consumers.

Find out what you can buy with mobile electronic payment in Beijing.

You can simply scan a two-dimensional code and buy a newspaper or a magazine at a newsstand along the street.

Meat vendors also offer mobile electronic payment to customers who want to get a few chicken wings or some pork meat. Its more hygienic since vendors don't have to deal with the real money.

And of course, you can buy fruits on your phone. Some vendors even offer discounts to encourage customers to try electronic payment.

Snack shops also provide electronic coupons via electronic payment, which is environment-friendly.

Shopping malls and restaurants are the places where you can certainly go with electronic payment, a time-saving choice for both sides.